Thursday, February 16, 2012

Best Mediterranean Beaches for Family Fun

If you are planning a family getaway to Europe and you love the beach, perhaps Mediterranean beaches are the best option for you. The Mediterranean Sea divides Europe from Africa and makes the boundary for over a dozen nations such as Greece, Italy, France, and Spain. Countries like Israel, Egypt, Morocco, and Cyprus are pretty popular with the tourists and showcase the Mediterranean's exotic beaches.

Nature lovers say that the Mediterranean is not just a place but in fact it is a state of mind. The mild climate in the Mediterranean and its hot dry summers makes for perfect beach weather. The deep blue waters are accentuated with the warm hospitality of the Mediterranean people who are well known as being passionate with a real zest for life.

The best time to visit the Mediterranean is between the fall and spring. If you are planning your holidays for August, be sure to make the arrangements way in advance. This is because the coastal towns are often full with vacationing Europeans during this time.

Italy, France and Corsica have some of the most beautiful beaches in this area. Cannes is one of the best-known cities of the French Riviera and is well-known for its sandy beaches which are animated all year round. You can expect to see people sunbathing and swimming right through the winter months. There are lots of private beach clubs where you can eat or rent a lounger for the day and at either end there are public beaches, and a municipal beach where you can rent deck chair and watch the world go by.

Corsica is an Island and is sophisticated, flashy, and perhaps among the best places in the Mediterranean for water sports. Corsica's 600 miles coastline comprises a number of secluded coves and deserted shores. St Restitude, located near Calvi north-west, is best for a peaceful hideaway. It has a secluded small beach with clean water, soft sand, and adorable pine woods in plenty. There is also Palombaggia Beach, Golfe di Sogno Beach, and Santa-Giulia Beach near the couth-east Porto-Vecchio, an upmarket resort town situated on a rocky hill. The town is very popular among the tourists for its beaches, cafes, restaurants, yacht marina, lively streets, and a wide range of accommodation. The best beach in this town is Palombaggia Beach, a perfect crescent of white sand that is sandwiched between the blue sea and dune clusters.

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