Thursday, February 23, 2012

Beach Tourism Trends - The Art of Placing Your Towel Within 2 Square Feet

Sometimes I wonder about these little things that make so much impact in life. Beach tourism is one of them. I think about the coastline and it's length. I think about the distribution people take on the coastline according to its length. And it gets me amazingly surprised how the magnetic forces make humans stay together confined in a little space orbiting one around each other while they could simply spread themselves like butter in the sand and enjoy space and freedom.

Is it that people misses the Disco-Compression-Effect? Do we like to be compressed all the time like if dancing in the trendy central disco downtown? Something must be wrong. This is what you think while you take all the sand out from your towel I guess.

In the best of the cases, after a session of beach tourism you are going to come back home with thousands of new skills learned. You are going to be an experienced beach-man, somewhat like a ranger in the mountains. The path to the water is like the path to eternal life. So difficult to find, so many mistakes that can be done on the way. Will you ever find it without throwing some of this burning golden sand at the back of this old lady? Have you ever thought that this golden sand that burn the old lady's back also is burning your feet?

No way, beach tourism is killing you! The more you get delayed in finding the path to the water, the more your feet look like a roasted duck. Hurry or somebody will confuse them and feel hungry. And if this wasn't enough, grains of sand are usually that kind of big that just keep harming your poor overheated feet.

Let's say that you finally reach the water. Let's say so. Now it comes the final stage of beach tourism. What (or who) is expecting you there? The unknown. Maybe we swim very good when we are about to born in our mother's internal palace of liquids, but there we didn't need to see what was below. Here, with the advantage that the sand is not anymore cold, we start playing with fortune trying to guess if what you are about to step on is a cutting edge's rock, a crab, or a soft sticky marine plant that tries to provide with free massage.

Whatever your experience of beach tourism, I can promise you come back home like a hero. Just that if you had moved some hundred of meters away from this beach you could have found another one that was nearly empty. But you love the challenge of placing the towel within 2 square feet. You definitely think you deserve this space. It's your precious...

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